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Unleash the power of your brand

If there’s one thing in business that shouldn’t be underestimated, it’s the power of your brand. Nancy, our Account Manager explains how to unleash the power of your brand:

What do all market leaders have in common? The short answer is they’ve all nailed their brand. A strong brand will help you gain market leadership because customers will easily recall and positively identify with it. A strong brand will make their purchasing decisions easier and quicker. Customers will trust your brand and be happy to buy on trust.

What makes a brand?

Depending on your sector and product or services, at its most basic level your brand will comprise several sensory identities. It should look, sound, feel, smell and taste in a way which is unique and consistent with its market positioning and your overall business strategy.

Imagine a high quality, 5Star hotel. The logo will be sophisticated, the brand colours will be rich and indulgent, and the marketing literature will be printed on quality paper that reflects what they stand for (ie quality recycled stock/ gloss stock/ lamination etc). The hotel itself will be immaculate and beautifully furnished; it will smell clean and have a pleasant aroma; the food will be outstanding and the receptionist will be polite and helpful. Everything about an excellent 5Star hotel will be experienced through the guests five senses

It’s important to recognise your brand is much more than your logo; It’s all encompassing. If one sensory identity falls short of expectations, your customers’ perception of your brand is likely to be damaged.

What would you think if your premium car dealer handed out a cheap self-designed business card with a typo in an uninspiring tagline? Or if your award-winning consultant used a free website template with annoying pop-up banners? Surprised, disappointed…confused.

How to strengthen your brand

When you’re working towards strengthening your brand you should be considering:

Logo and visual identity

Think about your brand’s logo, design, font, colours and shapes. Are they consistent with your brand’s positioning and customer expectations?

Brand values

Whether you value freedom or accountability, speed of delivery or sustainability, your brand should communicate these values. The better your values are communicated, the stronger your brand’s identity and position will be.

Brand personality

Personality is an important part of brand differentiation. Take Innocent fruit juices they are fun, wholesome and exciting. Galaxy chocolate is smooth, romantic and feminine. Does your brand have personality and how would your customers describe it?

Brand promise

What do you promise customers will get by doing business with you? Direct Line insurance promises you’ll get a competitive price without using comparison websites. Virgin promises a refreshing experience without inflated costs. If your promise is weak, unclear or not important to customers, you’ll need to fix it!

Brand positioning

Think about the space you want your brand to occupy in your target market’s mind. Do you want to be known as the low cost, cheap and cheerful option? Or do you want to be seen as the premium choice? Whatever your brand’s positioning, you’ll need to work relentlessly to ensure all its sensory identities align and are consistent.

Brand experience

Consider the experience customers will expect and consequently receive when they come into contact your brand. There should be no difference between expectations and the actual experience.

Checklist for evaluating the strength of your brand

Finally, here’s a quick checklist for evaluating the strength of your brand:

  1. Are you customers clear about what your brand stands for? And does everyone in your organisation understand this too?
  2. Does your brand have a distinguished and easily recognisable identity?
  3. Is your brand identity consistent?
  4. Is your brand aligned to your overall business strategy?

Perception is reality. Unleash the power of your brand today and get in touch!


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Senior / Digital Account Manager

DAM_Website Video

Are you plugged into the agency digital world? Are you ready to make your own mark with an impactful team? Are you a Superstar on the rise? If so then here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Superstars always need a good team to back them up…

CR is an ambitious creative agency who are looking to build on past successes and plan on further growth in 2016.

The core team is made up of passionate and down to earth individuals who deliver amazing joined together creative and marketing projects across traditional and digital marketing platforms.

What we want from our Superstar….

From day one you will bring with you your knowledge and experience in an agency environment to hit the floor running.

You’ll have excellent experience of digital across web builds, social media and campaigns and be outstanding in a client-facing context.

You will manage and deliver multiple work streams for various types of digital projects. Working with the creative team, you will have experience in creating memorable and digital campaigns; using SEO; PPC; Social Media; content marketing and any other digital tools that will deliver a result for our clients.

You will be adept in nurturing client relationships at every level, face-to-face and remotely. You’ll be strategic, always questioning and unafraid to push back on briefs when needed. You’ll also be hands-on, seeing projects from concept to delivery, with a great eye for the finer detail and deadline driven to ensure timely delivery for all projects

This role is target driven, you will be required to proactively recognize and develop potential new business opportunities.

With an excellent grasp of the English language, you will be educated to degree level or will exhibit the knowledge and skills to work with complex projects and clients. You will be a fantastic relationship builder, hold your own in a pressurised situation and will inspire confidence in your clients from the get go.

What will our Superstar get…

You’ll get a competitive salary based on experience and holiday package and a decent annual bonus when you prove yourself… and don’t worry we won’t see you drive around in a Fiat 500….

As long as you can deliver on a proven track record of managing digital online projects you’ve really got a limitless opportunity. We’ll actively encourage you to reach for the stars and you could go very far with us.

At CR we’ve a flat structure and we really want a passionate individual who is a great team player and who will go over and above expectations to play an integral part in the agency’s leadership.

By now you should get the gist – if you make stuff happen in the digital world then apply – if you don’t have Digital Agency Experience then we wouldn’t want to waste your time and effort so please don’t apply.

Send CV and covering letter to helen@cr-eative.co.uk


Energy company new website

RUMM is a specialist energy management company operating in partnership with its customers, mainly in the manufacturing and utility sectors, to make significant savings in energy, cost and carbon. RUMM invited CR to pitch for the redesign of their website, which was busy and difficult to navigate. It did little to reflect the professional corporate identity that they wished to project. The company wanted to highlight the energy savings it was making for its clients.

CR worked closely with RUMM to understand the company’s operations in order to build a website that effectively highlighted their key selling points and maximized search engine optimization. CR created a stylish and simple design, which emphasized the energy savings that RUMM delivers to clients. In particular, CR developed an animated gif displaying the amount of energy saved by clients in real time as a main feature of the homepage.


CR Newbie

As the newest addition to CR, I’ve joined as Studio Manager and I’m very excited to be working with a team of talented creatives.

I graduated with a degree in Film Studies from USW where my love for art and all things creative grew. I have worked in journalism as an arts editor and was lucky enough to curate my own pop-up art gallery which proved highly popular with my peers. I’ve sub-edit magazines for print and through this have enjoyed visiting many gallery openings. For the past 18 months I have been pivotal in advertising and promoting Challenge Wales, a sailing charity run by volunteers.

 In my spare time I look after abandoned animals, fostering them until they find their forever homes –now I’m going to be looking after the CR team!

At CR, my role is to assist the designers and account managers in the studio and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to some new, exciting projects!


Marketing Top Tips: When the Goin’ Gets Tough

Go ahead. Cut your marketing budget when things get tough. I get it. That’s like saying ‘I’ll throw some logs on that fire when it warms up in here.” – Chris Lockhead, Mercury

For savvy businesses, austerity should be an opportunity to kick start a relentless marketing strategy to achieve superior business performance, in turn keeping hold of existing customers and enticing new ones.

  • Reactivate old accounts: By resurrecting lost accounts, you can contact lost clients. Tempt them with a special offer; they already know and trust your business.
  • Give a little extra: Make sure you hold on to your existing clients by going the extra mile – they will feel they’re getting their money’s worth.
  • Recommend a friend: Create a referral incentive for your customers. Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth; there can be more value in a friend’s personal recommendation than a glossy ad
  • Connect: Join network groups in your area – get in front of like-minded people and become a walking, talking advertisement for the business
  • Re-distribute your budget: Evaluate your marketing budget and reallocate pennies from bigger marketing costs to smaller promotion tools such as emailers or social media marketing.
  • Keep Calm and Carry on: Even when the purse strings are tight, continued marketing will be profitable in the long run. Big brands such as Coca-Cola powered through with marketing during the Great Depression and reaped the benefits eventually

Collaborative campaign

Following a successful pitch – CR were chosen to deliver a cross company campaign to families through specifically a youth audience. The objective was to raise awareness of multi destination locations which are just on your doorstep. CR created a promotional passport highlighting the treasures of Wales. We were also very proud of the birth of our quirky character – Dyl the Dragon who fronted the passport, counter display units, posters, online adverts and magazine ads.

As well as highlighting key destinations throughout Wales, the campaign also encouraged young visitors to participate in a competition to win prizes…and before you think of it – sorry but it’s too late now to enter the competition!


PHS Teacrate Campaign

PHS are renowned for a range of services to business – one of the areas being the supply, and hygienically cleaning of crates for the food sector. With a new wash plant coming on line in the north of England, PHS wanted ways to raise interest in this – so CR developed a cross platform campaign incorporating memorable direct mailers, emailers, infographics, digital gif adverts, fulfilment services and online business to business marketing through LinkedIn.

So if you’re in need of any food crates you’d better move fast!


CEP Campaign

We’re very excited – we’ve just finished a promo campaign for CEP sportswear. The international brand wanted a quirky concept to promote their new partnership with Cardiff Blues. Our concept, based on a simple but effective image showed the use of the CEP products with players from Cardiff Blues … Josh Navidi, Josh Turbull and Tavis Knoyle. The resulting image aligned professional players with the excellent CEP sports compression brand.

The women in the office were a little jealous once we told them the rugby players would be taking there tops off and they wouldn’t be invited to the shoot…never mind, next time girls.

We think the product looks great and we’re already having some great feedback. It was a great day and good fun, cheers guys!


CR newbie!



Fee Bassett CR-eative

I’m new to the CR team and will be joining as a Senior Account Manager. It’s a pleasure to be here and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into some exciting projects!

A little bit about me:

I have a strong belief in pursuing your passions, even if your enthusiasm is not shared by others. Your friends may look at you a little bit confused when you announce one random Tuesday night that you are taking up the ukulele but if you love it, then do it.

This is a bit of an opening into how I got here today (not through playing the ukulele).

When heading to university I wanted to choose a degree based on what I really enjoyed and so I enrolled onto a Theatre and Media course. I’m a huge fan of performance art and literature so I loved every minute of my degree. I got to study some exceptionally talented practitioners and work on a range of projects from radio and video to physical performance.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family I always admired the world of business and couldn’t wait to start a career.

When I graduated I was fortunate to land a role in an event planning agency where I was given an opportunity to create events from scratch. I worked with a variety of clients including Accenture, Admiral and Ernst & Young planning a series of weird and wonderful events! I developed a real passion for events and marketing which I knew I just had to pursue.

Before joining CR I worked for 2 years with a social media marketing agency and I thrived on working with a global clientele, setting up and managing social campaigns for the conference industry. This was my first step into a senior role and I loved managing a team and guiding them on a daily basis. I had a chance to overhaul our Account Management strategy and be apart of a fast growing start up business!

I’m continually impressed by how powerful social media can be. I’m a big fan of social media and can personally spend hours trawling through Twitter or building wishlist boards on Pinterest.

I’m very much a people person and this is why I love account management. I get a real burst of job satisfaction when a client is beaming with happiness over the service that they have been provided.

What else makes me happy? I also enjoy music, events, fashion, writing, yoga and good food with good friends.

Back to business – I’m excited at how talented and exceptional the team are here at CR and I look forward to meeting all of the CR clients.